April 2, 2018 admin

After a decade spent in recruitment and hundreds of meetings with agencies over the past year, I keep returning to the same conversation.

How do we find new and better avenues to attracting, winning and retaining recruitment talent?

Agencies that are scaling for sale or undergoing rapid expansion are accelerating with the brakes on if they haven’t secured a reliable pipeline to inhouse hiring.

Over the past year, I’ve been asking recruitment heads “why talent should join them and what makes them different in a crowded market?”

Every agency has a unique story, its own culture and its own reasons for being attractive, yet I keep hearing the same answers told in the same tired way.

Agencies that have become cardboard cut-outs of each other packaging a career like an assembly line.

It also comes down to how they’re communicating with tomorrow’s talent, as even the best stories have little impact if they go unheard.

Agencies continue to treat social media as a job board, plaster the same corporate wallpaper across their careers page and use adverts as a listicle of demands.

Throwing money at Rec2Recs, job boards and relying on weighty cash referrals is counter productive if you’re then joining the chorus of same-shit-different-agency advertising out there.

Is the best talent even listening in these spaces?

It’s a quick solution to an ongoing need and pretty short-sighted one if you’re invested in long-term growth.

Think brand first.

In a crowded market there’s a huge demand to differentiate, but a serious lack of understanding about how that’s done exactly.

By prioritising outbound activity agencies tend to overlook the significance of building inbound channels and the importance of creating a brand that’s actually attractive to talent.

Agencies need to start identifying the reasons why and then mobilise them in a way to attract, nurture and convert the right talent through their door.

Your story is your greatest attraction.

Craft a recognisable voice with a personality that actually speaks to the top billers in the market.

Be active, consistent and engaging across the right channels. Social media can’t be an afterthought, it needs a strategy attached to inbound marketing.

Start conversations. Answer questions. Further discussions. Stand tallest in a busy market.

So, how do you build an identifiable brand that speaks directly to the talent you want to hire, the candidates you want to place and the clients you want to represent?

How do you turn social noise into the