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Welcome to The RAG Podcast, Where I will be interviewing the owners and leaders of Recruitment Agencies to discover the secrets to successful growth!

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Bonus Ep - Adam Holmes and Tommy Lees Collier on launching Konex, an Agency designed to bring more people like themselves into the Recruitment industry!

In Jan 2019, we at The Hoxo Group launched our own recruitment agency called Konex. Konex was born out of a common belief that many of the best recruiters come from previous sales careers in other industries, yet there was a lack of proactivity around sourcing this talent (both actively and passively).

The Co Founders Adam and Tommy were previously working in property and fitness sales before joining agency recruitment and both enjoyed a successful transition and subsequent careers.

So working alongside Hoxo Media, Adam and Tommy made the decision to focus on finding more people just like themselves and bring them into the best agencies in the industry.

In this episode the boys are honest about the reality of 

- Starting their agency in a new market
- How leveraging Hoxo’s brand helped them hit the ground running 
- Their innovative ‘event based’ recruitment model
- And why they are so passionate about making a difference to the industry that changed all of our lives.

Season 2 of The RAG is coming later this summer - so stay tuned!


The Recruitment Agency Growth Podcast


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