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Altin Head

Ep 14 - Altin Biba on growing his Recruitment Agency from a bespoke shed in the garden during the Global Financial Crisis!

Altin Biba is the CEO and Founder of Pro Medical, an 11 year old, well established Healthcare Recruitment business working with clients across the UK. Headquartered in Brentwood Essex (UK) he now has 40 Staff, £11m turnover and some real plans for growth. Started his Recruitment Business in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis out of frustration that his previous employer did not the same level of ambition for growth as he did!
He quickly recruited his younger brother and set up an office in a bespoke shed at the end of the family garden!
In June 2008 - within 3 months of starting, he was on a flight, traveling to a family funeral when he received a call to say he was being sued. This serious law suite stopped him from trading for a number of months and almost wiped his business out. In this raw interview, Altin tells us how he needed to show ultimate resilience to fight the case and ensure the business survived. He talks about how he ran out of money, was not able to afford the legal costs, he was advised that it was cheaper to liquidate the company and even offered to sell the business, but not for a split second did he ever consider closing the business down. Since then, he’s been on an amazing journey and in 2019 its all about headcount growth!
I had so much fun recording this interview and really appreciate Altin being so candid for the audiences benefit!

The Recruitment Agency Growth Podcast


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