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The RAG Report | Ep 12 - David Higgins on why you should plan for worst case and hope for best case scenario right now!

Today I was joined by David Higgins, the Founder and Former CEO of Harvey Nash and an industry renowned NED and Chairman with a portfolio of successful Recruitment Agencies.

In this episode David talked me through the exact words he is sharing with his portfolio on a daily basis. We discussed the situations he had been in with Harvey Nash through 9/11, 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the SARS epidemic too.

David has made some hugely critical decisions that impacted his entire workforce and once took a 12 months period without salary to prove to his team he would rebuild Harvey Nash over 18 months. 

He left me feeling clear that this is a seriously difficult period but confident that with advice from those who have seen hard times before, we can come through this together.

A remarkable guy who will be coming into the Hoxo HQ for a full RAG Podcast ASAP, you can connect directly with David and ask him any questions here

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