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Guest Nick


Season 2 | Ep 18 - Nick Eaves on starting his agency at the age of 40 and proving it is never too late to grow a successful recruitment business!

Having co-founded Stanton House in 2010, Nick has been at the forefront of growing an award-winning Professional Services & Technology Recruitment Consultancy operating from UK, USA and Asia with over 85 staff.

Previously he spent 15 years at Badenoch & Clark and became executive director and board member before being acquired by Adecco. Approaching the age of 40, Nick and his business partner Neil took a period of garden leave and then decided to take the plunge into starting their own recruitment agency. Nick was honest about how exciting and scary this was, especially as he hadn’t really been on the front line of recruitment delivery for a long time. However, he did feel that he had something to prove as a recruiter therefore he rolled his sleeves up and began to win business and fill jobs! Later as the team grew, he began to feel more comfortable in a leadership capacity where others who start agencies clearly do not! A humble guy with a warm nature - I am certainly not surprised that he has managed to grow such a great business. One for the Recruiters who may feel like they have 'missed the boat’ regarding starting their own agency… it really is never too late!

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