April 2, 2018 admin

“Looking for a full stack developer paying £60-90k DOE. Great opportunities. Referral £1000.”

For a lot of recruiters this still seems to pass as a credible social strategy to finding talent.

It reaches a few eyes across your network, grabs a handful of likes and if you’re lucky, it might secure a referral from someone that rates shit social posts.

For the minimal effort it takes to construct, it does still drive results every now and again, which is why some recruiters continue to plaster LinkedIn with job ads.

But in 2018 you need to be doing more.

You need to be thinking visual, committing to storytelling and investing in branding.

This is an industry where you have to move fast just to stand still and if you’re leaving social media to an afterthought then it’s opportunities will pass your agency by.

With over a million blogs published daily and god knows how many social posts, you need to be thinking about what keeps eyes on you and how you can be heard?

Agencies need to be increasingly visual, recognisable and interactive in their social efforts. This means putting video at the centre of your recruitment efforts and cementing a brand that’s consistently recognised.

An attractive brand is one of your strongest tools for attracting new hires.

Talent won’t always be open to new opportunities, but if you’re present and have an ongoing dialogue with them, then you’ll be their first port of call.

Putting some forethought into a social first strategy that actually speaks to your market will create a pipeline that feeds itself.

Start conversations, answer questions, further discussions, leverage video and try listening to what your audience wants before you start posting about what you need.

Next steps

It’s important to connect your social noise to some inbound channel, or next step, that allows you to build on those engagements.

That’s not to say all your activity should be aimed at funnelling people down a decision process, but that there needs to be method to the madness… otherwise you’re just making noise without direction.

Grow your network, establish yourself as a voice in the field and nurture your relationships towards new opportunities and decisions.

Too many recruiters have become tunnel visioned over metrics and look to quickly justify results from their social activity.

It’s the consequence of coming from a performance culture where our recruitment activity and ratios are scrutinised at every corner.

How much resource will content marketing, social scheduling and email chains take and how do they actually impact on interviews and hiring?

If you want to enjoy real success from social media then you need to step away from immediate results that directly impact your recruitment activity.

Social marketing is usually a slow burn that grows in momentum the more time, consistency and personal investment you dedicate to it.

Don’t be short-sighted in your recruitment when you’re building for long-term growth.