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Episode 47 - Claire Stapley & Lauren Tait - Failing everyday and trusting the process ...

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I had two very passionate and motivated internal recruiters join me in the studio in Lauren & Claire.

They both very kindly made the journey up to the east London studio from Sussex.

You can really feel the energy from these two in this episode who no doubt make a great team in helping grow the Barrington James business.

We cover a wide range of topics and discussed some of the following.

🎙 Failing every single day in Recruitment

🎙How they sell Recruitment to new hires.

🎙Learning to be yourself when speaking to candidates.

🎙Leveraging social media to get candidates brought into the business.

🎙Why they have started a podcast and how this has had an impact already!

🎙Trusting the process in Recruitment and feeling like you want to quit.


The Recruitment Rollercoaster Podcast



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