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Episode 60 - Rohit Kapoor, From 100 outbound sales calls a day to taking selfies and videos on treadmills to generate business

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Rohit used to approach sales by completely relying on traditional methods, he used make 100 outbound calls a day when was in Recruitment and when he started out at Content App.

Since then he has had a realisation. Having a personal brand can turn those 100 outbound sales calls into inbound messages and referrals.

I would be surprised if you work in Recruitment and haven't seen one of Rohit's selfies at some point, he has done extremely well to market himself in a short period of time.

We dive a lot into personal branding on this episode as expected but we talk other topics too.

- Why you need to stay consistent with your content.

- Combining sales calls with content.

- The power of working for a company that has a brand.

-His one piece of advice to all recruiters, 'just be a good human being' I loved this!


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