Kick Starting Your Recruitment Agency Marketing

By Sean Anderson

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Over the next few weeks, I want to release a series of vlogs and blogs designed to help the modern recruitment agency make the right decision when looking into marketing for their business.

My opinions and ideas come from my own personal experience as a recruiter, business owner, podcast host and working with recruitment companies every single day across the world.


Let's go back a step.

You may have seen some of the content I've produced recently, which is all about salespeople-only recruitment companies. We know that the majority of recruitment companies have been started by ex-recruiters or salespeople who did really well in a previous agency, cut their teeth learning from others, and got to a point where they thought, "Do you know what, I can do this myself and be an entrepreneur."

One of the things I love about this industry is that so many people can spin off and create their own versions of what they've been in before. What this means is that the first few years of your recruitment business are going to be all about sales. Typically, the first few hires you will make - and rightly so - are going to be more salespeople and more recruiters. Whether that's experienced recruiters, graduates, or people from other sales industries. You're going to reinvest the profits you make in your first few months back into new people, so that you can take the process that works for you and replicate that through other people. It’s a proven, tried and tested method.

What often happens though, is once businesses get to a certain size (which usually is about the 20 heads mark), they start to think about marketing. The reason for this change can vary, sometimes it's because the business owner has been told they are not doing any marketing, or they've seen content online, or they just start to think about brand. 

Before it was just all about sales. Now owners are starting to think, “if we're going to grow an agency and a business then we need to have a brand, vision, values and we need to be able to help get marketing to open doors for our recruitment team.”

If you're there right now, have been at that point before, or think you're going to be there in the future, then I want to help you.

Now, there's four typical methods that you will go through to solve the problem of marketing in your agency:

Number 1 will be the most common, which is to hire an internal marketeer. That's a permanent member of staff, nine to five, in the business.

Number 2 will be to outsource it to an agency, someone like Hoxo Media or maybe even just a marketing consultant, an individual.

Number 3 will be to give the responsibility of marketing to someone who is working in the agency already. That sometimes lies on the finance manager, the operations manager, the receptionist, or even the young, savvy recruiter that fancies it.

Number 4, which is also very common, is do absolutely nothing about it and ignore it for the future.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to explore the first three in separate blogs because I think number four doesn't need to be given attention. If you're not going to do anything about it then crack on. For each one, I will show you the reality of what it's really like - the pros, cons, pitfalls, and what you need to keep in mind for each one.


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