How inbound marketing grew Hoxo Media's revenue stream by 200% in only 12 months

By Sean Anderson

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What Inbound did for our agency?

With over 16 years combined prior Recruitment experience, we launched Hoxo Media to help Recruitment Agencies grow through Inbound Digital Marketing.

Many will be able to relate - when starting a business your passion, drive and rawness is what gets you through the early days. We approached sales with a different angle - we knew we could drum business, open doors and close opportunities - it was the world we came from. However, how could we do that on a larger scale? How could we start to bring some of those opportunities to us, rather than chase them down? How could we utilise our website as a sales tool? How could we create a brand that generated leads?

We knew there was a opportunity - and two years on I wanted to reflect and see why Inbound worked for us. Our former path was always outbound focussed and worked. We built great teams and posted big numbers - then I guess the question would be why change what works?

For us, the answer was simple - what worked was changing.

Below I looked at the pre Hoxo problems we faced in the Recruitment agency days, solutions that we came up with and results that have come from the back of it.

Pre Hoxo Media approach:

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  • Lack of Credibility

  • I started Recruitment teams/sectors from scratch and the first 6 months - I always faced the battle of being unknown, unheard and untrialled. Our industry has so many consultants that champion a niche and have extensive knowledge and credibility in their sectors, but to gain credibility came at an incredibly slow pace, especially if we wanted to make impact on a larger scale.

  • Inadequate buyer persona

  • Conversations would come thick and fast, but before we knew it we spoke to so many people who were not the right buyers for our product. Decision makers were varied and it was hard to see where the high value leads lay. Upcoming data changes (GDPR) meant that blasting cold data lists was quickly becoming a no go area. We needed a narrower focus.

  • Little Research

  • Little research into where potential clients sat meant that we would come unstuck when it came to our business development plans and the answer to everything was more activity rather than focussed activity.

  • Lack of Website traffic

  • Websites were not used as a sales tool - merely a place to host jobs and place our logo. Traffic was limited and the those that landed on the site would frequently be lost or irrelevant customers.

  • Lack of link between Sales and Marketing

  • We’ve all seen the meme of Sales running one way and Marketing another. In my past life marketing was always seen as a chore rather than a value add.

When launching Hoxo Media we started with the customer at heart and below became our solution:


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  • Developing a clear inbound strategy.

  • With all of our enthusiasm and what we learned about inbound marketing we jumped right in with a clear plan. Once we started to develop buyer personas (truly understanding our buyers journey), key messages, tone of voice, website built for conversions and a content plan that hit our audience needs we started to see a real uplift in quality of leads.

  • Dedicated resources

  • If I’m honest - this one took some persuasion across the board. We started with intentions of having dedicated resources on our own brand, but once client work starts to pile in it became a secondary to our obsession of meeting client objectives. However, once we made the flip to have dedicated resources to our brand - the results have been overwhelming. Consistency has been key and producing high value takeaways for our customers has always been at the heart of our content.

  • Sales and Marketing working together

  • Marketing and sales should not only meet once, they should structure a documented working agreement and meet weekly to measure progress and results. This type of tight partnership ensured the most effective business results were met. We recently implemented EOS into our agency - ensuring that the two disciplines were always in sync and collaborating to maximise results.

  • Using integrated marketing tools to work alongside Inbound

  • When we started we had up to 10 different tools to support our Inbound efforts. The decision to consolidate our efforts into one tool (HubSpot) that helped us implement our Inbound strategy was a game changer - it provided us with the ability to take our strategy and make sure that it was effective, measurable and scalable. The open API means we can integrate various technology products to help mobilise the effectiveness of our campaigns and stay up to date with best practices.

  • Calls-to-Action offers (CTAs) are the bread and butter of inbound marketing.

  • Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are an essential element of any successful inbound marketing strategy. A CTA is a visual way of making a customer select a desired action. Once our content had a reason that pointed to an action - content became measurable.

  • Being patient

  • As hungry sales people, we wanted results instantly, but remained patient and trusted the process. We know that if we keep doing the right things and promoting ourselves the right way - all of the above solutions would help us reap long term rewards. ‘We all have a Personal brand’ @hishemazzouz - we just need to nurture it and stay consistent and patient to the cause to realise its true potential.


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As we come to the close of our second year we have increased website traffic by 1000%, sales qualified leads through inbound by 750% and revenue by over 200%. Our sales pipeline and processes are the healthiest they’ve ever been. Sales and Marketing meet weekly with the goal of increasing visitors and sales qualified leads that we take through to conversion. Year two has been eventful - now the processes and resources are in place we’re looking forward to ramping up Inbound in year three to another level. Watch this space!


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