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Different Types of Content to Engage Your Audience

By Sean Anderson

The answer we all want to know when it comes to creating content is how you can ensure the content you share performs well and reaches as many people as possible.

We want to share with you different ways in which you can use content to engage with your ideal persona.

If you haven’t created a persona or you don’t fully understand who your ideal persona is then go away and do this first!

If you don’t fully understand who your target audience is then your aiming in the dark and it's going to be a matter of pure luck if your content resonates with the right people or not.

Great, now this is out the way let’s dive into how you can use different types of content to engage with your audience!

Types of content always falls into 3 camps.

types of content

Within your target audience there will always be people who prefer to consume content through one of these forms.

We find a mixed approach of all three of these types of content is the best, as it will ensure you don’t cause any friction for your target audience to consume your content.

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Written Content


Blogs - Always ensure you have a call to action, drive the people reading your blog to a page which is built for conversion so you can turn them from a reader, to a marketing qualified lead.

Linkedin Articles - The articles you share will always stay on your Linkedin profile which means over time you will be building a bank of valuable content for your audience and it will help you achieve thought leadership status within your industry.

Linkedin statuses - Share your opinion, don’t share links out of the platform in the main body of the text and make sure your statuses are mobile friendly. Drive people to pages built for conversion by sharing the links in the comments.

White Papers/ Ebooks - Make sure the E-book is written with the reader in mind, are you giving real value to your target audience and make sure you have a clear call to action within the E-book. Execute this very well and you will generate inbound leads!

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   Audio Content


Podcasts - We have two market leading podcasts in the Recruitment Rollercoaster & The RAG. Having a well known podcast within your sector can have a serious impact on generating inbound business. If you want to understand in detail the benefits of hosting a podcast and why you should start one then get your hands on our FREE podcast ebook - Our Complete Guide To Starting A Podcast.

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 Video Content


Videos on Linkedin - Linkedin LOVE promoting videos. The organic reach of videos on Linkedin right now is SERIOUS. There is no secret to creating high performing video content on Linkedin but you need to ensure it’s part of your strategy.

**Iphone videos are great and professionally shot videos are just as great. If you talk about the right topic and you have the courage to get in front of the camera you can achieve some serious reach**

Webinars - Again approach this with the target audience in mind. Ensure your giving some serious value away, webinars are serious lead generators and you have a genuine opportunity to turn those attending the webinar into paying customers.

Case Studies

Case Studies can be shared as audio, written or video content. Make your case studies are engaging!

We see so many case studies online that have really impressive results but are presented in a boring and non-engaging way. Make sure they’re snappy, to the point and you talk about the results quickly.

Content is at the core of any marketing strategy, if you want to engage with your target audience and turn them into sales qualified leads then it needs to start with content. If you don’t have a clear strategy as to how you’re going to take people from seeing your content online to getting them into your ecosystem to turn them into sales qualified leads then before sharing content you need to start with having a clear marketing strategy.

You can download our FREE inbound marketing strategy template which will help you achieve this.