10 Signs Your Recruitment Agency is Ready for Inbound Marketing

By Sean Anderson

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Building an inbound marketing plan for your recruitment agency will transform your marketing and sales teams. In fact, at Hoxo Media we are seeing more and more agencies like yours embrace this as their tactic for attracting new, high value clients.

Why? When done properly, inbound marketing will save you time, deliver more sales qualified leads and free you \ to grow your business by thinking more strategically. If we’re being honest, the recruitment sector is behind many others in embracing this route to market.

Sorry to tell you but gone are the days of cold calling anyone and everyone. Your buyers now prefer to do their research and the power shift has changed. Outbound methods can even do your brand harm.

So, you are likely now asking,  is your recruitment agency ready to embrace inbound marketing as part of its new communications strategy?

This checklist will tell you whether the time is right to make the leap from traditional marketing to a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy:

10signs_Blog Artboard 1@300x1 - Your BD team are crying out for more quality leads

Volume and quality are never high enough for most recruitment sales teams (or the board), with one metric often being compromised for the other. Inbound marketing allows for your agency to attract and engage new prospects on their own terms, so that opportunities are qualified and more likely to convert.


10signs_Blog Artboard 2@300x2- Leads get ignored or neglected

Even with the best targeting, traditional marketing buys attention and is less discriminate about the quality of the responses it solicits. Even PPC advertising is littered with bots and fraud that compromise the quality of the leads generated.

As such, sales teams looking to convert and close poor quality opportunities have less regard for the                                   value of a lead. With inbound marketing processes, an opportunity is nurtured according to levels of                                   interest, decision-making authority and given a value. Through this, conversion rates increase and                                       those opportunities that don’t qualify can be redirected without going to waste.


10signs_Blog Artboard 3@300x3- Your partners are providing MDF funding for inbound marketing strategies

Many businesses find that they can combine resources with partners to create mutually beneficial inbound marketing strategies. It makes sense. If you are working together on specific marketing campaigns or looking to engage the same audiences with a joint proposition, collaborating can add credibility and reduce costs.


10signs_Blog Artboard 4@300x4- Your marketing department is managing lots of suppliers

An integrated inbound marketing strategy for B2B brands does not require a great number of specialist consultants with conflicting strategies, fighting for space. If you find that the function of the marketing team is to be the ringmaster in a circus of experts, then you may benefit from a single, rich and effective inbound marketing strategy.


10signs_Blog Artboard 5@300x5- You have multiple subscriptions to many overlapping online marketing software

Software-as-a-Service has run riot across the marketing industry in the past few years. The problem with this is that each solution has its own costs, passwords, processes and output. Integrating your inbound marketing strategy can remove all of this and take prospects through from the attract stages all the way through to endorsement, via one plan.


10signs_Blog Artboard 6@300x6- You are earning editorial interest in your content

Traditional marketing lets you get away with pretty much saying whatever you want. Whether it is effective or not is not always clear. Media relations is discriminate though. A journalist or analyst will tell you what he or she thinks about your story. If they are publishing your news, it is because they believe it is of consequence to their readers. If this is happening, then you are already doing the            .                                hardest part of inbound marketing. Now you need to let those assets work harder.


10signs_Blog Artboard 7@300x7- You want to grow but don’t have the marketing capacity

The right inbound marketing strategy can free up resources as it makes other time-consuming activities less important. Refreshing and recycling content are a key part of the process. Is it necessary to create one strand of narrative for the editorial audiences and another for your customers? If your content is good enough for one, then the essence of it should be good enough for the other. Reshape and refresh rather than re-invent.


10signs_Blog Artboard 8@300x8- You want to reduce marketing costs

Buying attention costs more than earning it. Traditional marketing, trade-shows, conference sponsorships or advertising campaigns all have their place, but fundamentally you have to pay to play. Even then engagement levels can be low. Switch that for a prospect who has repeatedly expressed interest in what you have to say, and you can allocate resources much more efficiently and effectively.


10signs_Blog Artboard 9@300x9- The bounce rate on your site is over 50 per cent

If traffic is coming to your site and more than 50 per cent is flying off, then there is a good chance the money you have spent on getting them there is going to waste. Perhaps your site is failing to deliver the right answers or information or maybe your targeting is off. The right B2B inbound marketing strategy is all about creating the right content and letting that do the work. With engaging, consequential, useful insight, which passes the editorial litmus test and is showcased on your own                                      site or blog in the right way, your bounce rate should improve.                                                                               

10signs_Blog Artboard 10@300x


10- Your competitors are doing it!

So if your competition is doing it, then you should too. Actually, if they aren’t you probably should, because you can be one step ahead.


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