By Junead Jalil

The very first Hoxo Life episode of 2019!

Going into this year we had a real focus on our own business strategy. We worked with some amazing Recruitment agencies in 2018 and plan on showcasing a lot more of this work in 2019.

Another part of our strategy has been starting the implementation of EOS, entrepreneurial operating system. Which we’re really excited about and have already started to see a positive impact from implementing EOS.

We also have started our very own 5 aside team which didn’t get off to a winning start but have got some wins behind us since then!

Lastly, we have launched another Podcast! The RAG Podcast. Sean has started a podcast dedicated to uncovering the reality of starting and running your very own Recruitment Agency. If you want to understand why you should start a podcast and how then download our latest ebook which will help you achieve just this, the link will be in the comments.

Link to RAG Podcast -

Link to Podcast ebook -

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