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Introducing: The Podcast Launch
Launch your own niche, revenue generating podcast inside 4 weeks!
Since the success of The RAG Podcast internally at Hoxo, we've worked with a range of recruitment agency clients and helped them launch their own podcast.
Hosting a podcast is an amazing way of creating high value content, whilst concurrently spending time with current and target prospect clients. 
 Relationships + Content = Results
Here's what 2 clients had to say about the process and results: 

If you’re keen to launch your own podcast, we are here to show you how.

We have 15 x spaces for our reduced price course starting in Nov 2020

£1,000+VAT | 4 Weeks
(price will be £5,000 in 2021)



Your course overview

Our Podcast Launch is a 4-week programme which include the following modules

Week 1: Introduction & Bigger Picture

Week 2: The Set Up Process

Week 3: Recording & Editing the Show

Week 4: The Distribution Plan


This includes 

- 2 x Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls with Sean Anderson (Recordings sent via email in 24hrs)

- All Content pre-recorded and loaded onto Hoxo Academy Portal (including Worksheets and Templates)


6 Reasons to Launch a Podcast

1. A Podcast is a Repository of Long-form Audio Content.

The fact that you can have your target buyers listening to YOUR podcast for 20+ minutes is amazing on its own.

2. Create a Never-Ending Stream of Micro-Content for LinkedIn.

Post-produce the content into short clips that are published through personal & company pages on LinkedIn. Link to the podcast in the comments for free user acquisition.

3. Network with Thought Leaders

I can’t tell you how many companies who have been on my podcast, then them or I recommended the others product or service to another person.

4. Buyer-Centric Prospecting

Invite the decision maker of your target accounts on your podcast & talk to them like a human.

5. Market Research

Marketers never talk to customers. Here’s your chance to talk to your wish list buyers on a weekly basis for FREE.

6. Nurture Active Pipeline & Closed Lost Deals

A far better version of an automated email nurture or “checking in” Sales emails. Where the content is fresh & actually delivers value to the audience.