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Build your personal brand
and become the authority figure in your marketplace.

Coronavirus has caused organisations to slow down their hiring plans dramatically, having a huge knock on to Recruitment Agencies everywhere.

Yet, if you, the owner, have plans to survive and thrive this pandemic, then you still need to engage candidates and clients daily.

Whilst so many agencies are retreating, being proactive at this time can transform your business and ideally position you for the bounce back.

Now more than ever - effective marketing via digital channels is the best way to do this.

Have you been thrust on to the front line, trying to make this happen?

Been told you need to be building a personal brand in 2020 but don't know where to start?

It can leave you feeling anxious if you haven't invested in learning the digital skills necessary to adapt to the new world we find ourselves in.

Don't worry, we have a solution.

You don't need a marketing degree to build an online presence,  but you do need a plan.

We are here to show you how.

£1,500+VAT | 12 Weeks




How we help


Recruitment Leaders starting monthly


Week training programme


Leaders per Coaching Group



The Academy is led by Hoxo CEO - Sean Anderson, a successful ex-recruiter who once operated with an old school approach. In 2017 he began to invest in himself to build a personal brand that would position him as a thought leader and drive inbound leads.


Sean worked daily to build a clear audience online, produce content and offer as much support and value to Recruitment Leaders as possible on LinkedIn.


He has since built a Globally Recognised 7 Figure Marketing Agency and Industry leading Podcast based on this daily practice.


He has also helped 150+ Recruitment Leaders across the globe to overcome their fears and build online brands that have engaged candidates and clients far wider than they could before.

The good news is, this process is now documented and easy for any recruitment owner to follow.

Why Join the Academy?

Upon successfully completing the Academy you will have:

A clear plan for Linkedin Growth

Knowledge of how to engage the right people

Clear success metrics to follow

Conquered the fear of creating content

More profile views and inbound interest

Started building a targeted community

Saved time through learning the process and using automation

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Our Academy will give you the opportunity to connect with marketing experts and other progressive Recruitment leaders who are looking to add maximum value to their target audience. You will have exclusive access to Hoxo Media's library of resources and templates that will allow you to create great content on a regular and consistent basis.

Peer Group Learning
Library of Templates and Resources
Proven Structure and Framework
Weekly Coaching Calls
Authority Figure
Lifetime access to the course

Here are some examples of client success

750+ attendees confirmed for live event!

sivan post-1


Making placements in a pandemic!

lloyd post


Lead from front and the rest will follow!

chris post-1


Your course overview

Our Recruitment Owner Academy is a 16-week programme which will take you from being a strong offline recruiter & networker to building your personal brand and authority online in your chosen marketplace.

Month 1: Your Purpose and Proposition

In month 1 we welcome you to your mastermind group where you will be able to network with up to 15 other progressive Recruitment leaders. We focus on defining your target audience, updating your shop window (social profiles), tactics to grow your audience and creating a bespoke content plan that is personal to you. 

Month 2: Creating Your Community

Month 2 looks at your current data and setting out ways to segment and create your own unique online community. Now is a great opportunity to add maximum value to your recruitment community. We will work with you to tap into your community, grow your community and share ideas and templates that will help develop your brand. 

Month 3: Hosting Your Event

Month 3 looks at planning and hosting your first event.We cover all things from event outreach, guests, technology, content and marketing plans. Once again you have access to templates and resources that will allow you to host a great event and have one eye on how you can grow your event plans and nurture your community. 

Month 4: Nurturing Your Pipeline

Month 4 looks at ways to nurture your online community to become fans of your brand. We look at everything from building predictive lead scoring (seeing who is most engaged with your brand), building sales pipeline, using sales automation and using automation to communicate at scale. Once you have an engaged community you can look forward to an easier and more seamless conversion.

Academy FAQs

Sean Pic head

Q  "How much time will I need to invest in the academy?"

A " 1 x hour weekly video commitment and 30 mins per day required on top". Our focus is to give you small steps each week and the tools to grow sustainably, we will avoid overload and fatigue"


Q  Once finished - what results can I expect?

A "You will have seen considerable Linkedin Growth in terms of connections; profile views; engagement and DMs. You will have knowledge and experience of how to create content that engages the right people and began building a community of professionals that will have a positive effect on your business. Most importantly you will feel confident, progressive and excited about your future online!


Q  "How is the course delivered? Do I get 1-2-1 time with Sean?"

A " The course is delivered through group coaching calls 1 x per week. You will be in a group of 15 Leaders and together you will learn directly from Sean via Zoom each week.  You will also have access to The Academy Portal, where all lessons are recorded and extra material given to learn at your own pace"


Q  "What social media platforms will we focus on?"

A "The course has a focus on LinkedIn primarily, however there is also support if you want to adopt the methods to other platforms i.e. Facebook"


Q  "I am not a recruitment owner- can I join?"

A "The course is for Recruitment Owners / Directors ONLY, however don't worry - we are launching our Recruiter Level Academy in summer 2020"


Q  "What makes this course different to the free content online?"

A "This course has been designed personally by Sean, and is exclusively for niche recrutiment owners. The content is based on his personal experience of building his brand and other recruitment owners daily for the past 3 yrs"


Q  "COVID-19 has made it hard for us financially, do you offer payment plans?"

A "SURE! We understand how hard times are currently and so we offer 2 payment options! Pay £400 monthly for 4 months OR £1200 upfront (1 month free)"


Q  When does the next Academy start?

A "We start a new Academy intake every 2 weeks, usually on the 1st or 15th of each month."


Q  How do I join?

A "Firstly, fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. Secondly, you will speak to a member of the Hoxo team who will want to know more about you, your level of commitment and will show you the course material and all involved. If happy, you pay online via our secure link and you enter the course!"


Q  Once paid - what happens next?

A "You will be booked onto an onboarding call with Sean, recieve the course log ins and start learning weekly  alongside your dedicated group"

Here’s what people are saying about Sean's personal brand

Sean receives daily messages like the ones highlighted below. Clearly demonstrating that he is quickly becoming an authority figure in the Recruitment Marketing space. It is important to know you are learning from someone who is already building a brand every day!

Target audience sharing your posts!

ben leeds post

Giving maximum value to your community

liz post

Fans of content

john post