Let’s talk about the future of recruitment...

To me Microsoft isn’t the same as Apple, a BMW will never be an Aston Martin and cut me anywhere and I’ll bleed Man City Blue.

twitter hoxo "Most of us have brands that we identify with but how many heads of recruitment have an agency that would truly be missed by recruiters?"  twitter hoxo

Whose disappearance would be felt by those that work there, its alumni, the wider market and those that aspire to be its next employees?

Recruitment is often a nomadic career path where high churn rates make for volatile growth and are accepted as par for the course when running an agency.

If you don’t have a secure and reliable pipeline to inhouse hiring and the reasons to then retain them, you’ll always be taking steps backwards as you move forward.

In a crowded market it can be hard to differentiate and it’s amazing how far wide of the mark some agencies are flying in trying to do so.

In my opinion, producing one video advertising a bean bag in the office and a laissez-faire attitude, is not creating a brand that speaks to recruitment talent.

Having an office dog, a beer fridge and table tennis on show are nice assets, but do little to separate you from the 5,000 other agencies joining the industry each year.

It’s usually a given that your commission is uncapped. That you consider yourself best-in-class or industry leading. However isn’t it always the human connection in the interview process which really builds trust and secures talent?


Your Story is Your Real USP.

As an agency owner, I might have been sceptical about redirecting my investment from an internal recruitment budget to building a brand that’s connected to inbound marketing.

But, after speaking with hundreds of agency owners, industry figureheads and recruitment bodies it’s becomes clearer with every conversation that it’s integral to talent attraction.

| Recruiter’s on the whole are great storytellers.

I can’t even remember how many stories I would tell on a daily basis to the external candidates and clients in addition to potential recruiter talent I was interviewing.

The problem I faced was this story was only communicated over the phone or in person, therefore massively reducing the amount of people who could and did hear it. After setting up Hoxo Media only 14 months ago, I have made an effort to use this story telling ability and distribute online. What I have found is staggering, both from attracting clients as well as talent to the agency

I implore you to be an agency that uses your unique storytelling ability to talk to top talent before they even enter your interview process. We all have a story that recruiters will choose beyond a few decorative trimmings such as dogs and ping pong tables if presented right.  

You could inject your brand with life through video storytelling or simply a real, honest write up about why the hell you started the agency and what’s happened since.

Be bold and refuse to be just another agency by being an unforgettable brand.