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Social Media is Not a Job Board

“Looking for a full stack developer paying £60-90k DOE. Great opportunities. Referral £1000.”

For a lot of recruiters this still seems to pass as a credible social strategy to finding talent.

It reaches a few eyes across your network, grabs a handful of likes and if you’re lucky, it might secure a referral from someone that rates shit social posts.

For the minimal effort it takes to construct, it does still drive results every now and again, which is why some recruiters continue to plaster LinkedIn with job ads.

But in 2018 you need to be doing more.

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What I Learnt From 100 Conversations with Recruitment Heads

After a decade spent in recruitment and hundreds of meetings with agencies over the past year, I keep returning to the same conversation.

How do we find new and better avenues to attracting, winning and retaining recruitment talent?

Agencies that are scaling for sale or undergoing rapid expansion are accelerating with the brakes on if they haven’t secured a reliable pipeline to inhouse hiring.

Over the past year, I’ve been asking recruitment heads “why talent should join them and what makes them different in a crowded market?”

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Would Anyone Miss Your Recruitment Agency?

To me Microsoft isn’t the same as Apple, a BMW will never be an Aston Martin and cut me anywhere and I’ll bleed bitter Blue.

Most of us have brands that we identify with but how many heads of recruitment have an agency that would truly be missed by recruiters…

Whose disappearance would be felt by those that work there, its alumni, the wider market and those that aspire to be its next employees?

Recruitment is often a nomadic career path where high churn rates make for volatile growth and are accepted as par for the course when running an agency.

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Is Your Agency Short Sighted?

You have to be forward-thinking as an agency owner or today’s successes could well mean tomorrow’s failures.

Whether it’s moving into a crowded market with limited opportunities, puncturing your cashflow or growing beyond your means, sooner or later on unsteady ground you will experience a fall.

There’s a reason that 80% of startups fold before their second anniversary and it comes back to being short-sighted.

What’s your business plan, your financial forecasts, which channels do you plan on using and have you mapped your competitors?

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